2 thoughts on “New Site and Blog!!

  1. Your website is indeed very impressive, and I would love to have the opportunity to meet with your staff to find out more about career possibilities. I am a Security Officer living and working in Hamilton, and have had a multi-faceted career in Public Service, including 15 yrs Police Service (Cst and Sgt) 20 Yrs in the Motor Coach Tour Industry, and approx 5 yrs total in Security. Your website indicates your company has a lot to offer, I also feel that I have a great deal to offer by way of experience, attitude and excellent work ethic. I can be reached by email or on my cell at 905 317 1708, and look forward to a most informative chat.

    • Hello John,

      We’ve been very busy this year and would love to meet with you. Please check the HRDC Job Bank and Local KIJIJI pages for our recruitment sessions and when a recruiter will be in town. We look forward to discussing your qualifications with us.

      Best Regards,


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